Marketing Techniques

I have discussed social media as a means of reaching audiences in previous posts, but alongside that the idea of marketing myself successfully and who those audiences actually are must be considered. While ‘customers’ are defined as the people paying me for my work, these may not always be the same people as the ‘end users’ or consumers of the content. This is especially true in the case of commission work which I do frequently as an freelancer. I am not marketing any sort of product, but rather marketing my own skills; like applying for a job. In one example, The customers are the producers or studio company, and the end users are television viewers. In this instance the end users are also unlikely to know who I am, or anything about the work I’ve done, so the marketing needs to be done toward the customers, not the consumers. Persuasion is not likely to be particularly useful to this style of customer, but rather strong credibility through proven results and feedback. Attempting to receive quality feedback from clients is something I will strive towards during my career. The other main point of marketability will be examples of work which will fully represent my skill set; building up a large, diverse portfolio is an important aspect of my marketing technique.