Sampling research – Luke Vibert & Pogo

Luke Vibert is a British producer who has released a variety of electronic genres under many different aliases. He is most known as being a solid contributor to the ‘redefinition’ of electronic music in the 90s. He very frequently uses large samples from other songs to form the basis of his tracks. Interestingly, he was one of the only popular electronic artists at the time to use little to no hardware for synthesis or sampling. Besides a TB-303, an SH- 101 and a drum machine, which he mostly samples loops from, he recorded from vinyl to digital tape and sampled using his computer. In 2000 he became an early adapter of the all-in-one DAW software, switching to Propellerhead’s reason as his sole production tool. His most common method of production seems to center around a single sample, where he will build additional melodies around it, add percussion and sound effects to transform it into a full track.

The song ‘ComfyCozy’ is a good example of his sampling style, with the main sample at the start of the track being taken from Viola Wills’ track, ‘Dare to Dream’ (

Pogo is the stage name of Australian electronic artist Nick Bertke, who is well known for creating ‘remixes’ of movies, television shows and video games, most notably Disney films. His sampling method consists of extracting small pieces of foley and dialogue from pieces of media and then rearranging them to form a song. Often he uses no additional instruments and creates melodies and chords purely from the samples. He stated in a tutorial video of his (which has unfortunately been removed) that ‘When [he] look[s] for samples in a movie [he] tends to find dialogue that already has a melodic quality, then apply subtle pitch correction, instead of trying to make an atonal piece of speech melodic.’ He uses entirely digital means to sample and produce his work, primarily using FL studio as his DAW software.

The track ‘Alice’ is a piece created using the aforementioned techniques, with no additional instruments besides some percussion.


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