Sound-a-like Mix – Reflection

Our final mix:

The original:

I feel that we created an interesting version of the original, trying to truly recreate the largely lo-fi and imperfect sounds of the older equipment and instruments was quite difficult, so many parts ended up sounding quite different. In terms of the instrumentation, we were very faithful in most parts, but the synth sounds obviously had to be improvised, and as a result didn’t work as well as in the original. The performance was generally well executed, but getting the synth parts to be in time was difficult, as was matching the guitar parts, so the performance suffered a little in terms of rhythmic stability, and this also effected the vibe of the song, making the ‘funky’ parts of the song far less funky. The general dynamics of the song were well matched, the transitions all worked effectively and the buildup near the end maintained its energy. I think we recreated most of the reverb effects very well, the multiple vocals reverbs especially, which we had to automate for different parts of the song. We made use of a stereo delay on some of the synth sounds, which was important to make them sound like the original, even though the sounds themselves weren’t too similar, this helped them sit in the mix similarly. I feel that Most of the compression we used matched the original, and the mix held together in a way which resembled the original. The most glaring difference between the two is the overall tonal balance, the original had an extremely thin and airy sound, especially in the vocals, and we didn’t manage to achieve this sound effectively. In my opinion, the best way to improve this project would have been more time spent on ironing out individual performances, and a more detailed attempt to match synth sounds.