Sound-a-like Project – Studio Roles

For the drum recording session I was assigned the role of studio engineer, in this role I was expected to manage all desk operations including routing, gain levels, rough mixing and headphone sends. I found myself mostly following directions and being fairly detached from the creative process, but perhaps this was for the better. My role was vital to the efficiency of the session so I tried to be as productive as possible during the allocated time. I would say the one skill I had to learn was concise listening, I was often receiving multiple instructions from different people at any one time and needed to pay full attention to pick everything up. I feel that I did quite a good job in the end, there were certainly some moments where I felt overloaded but most of the time I think I handled the pressure fairly well. If there was one thing I could have done better it would have been giving constructive criticism when I felt something was incorrect or out of place, I felt at the time that this was a little outside my role, so I simply let myself become frustrated instead.

Here is video of the session.

And the soundcloud link to the drum mix