Year 2

After a break that was seemingly endless in its duration, yet felt distant the moment it ended, it’s time to get back to business. I’ve already found myself wishing I was still on holiday, yet when I’m in the studio working with other students, acquaintances, friends (that judgement, in my head depends more on what the others think which, from the outside, seems a strange way to consider it), I can’t imagine myself anywhere else. I guess it’s the idea of it, the looming dread of such a large amount of work compressed into 12 weeks, despite the ‘work’ being so enjoyable most of the time. As someone who gets anxious easily, the idea of a thing is often infinitely more threatening than the thing itself. I often worry about balancing my work at SAE with the rest of my life, but at some point in the process realise this is it, this is what I want to do, and no matter how much I overthink it I really do enjoy every moment spent here.

Self-reflection aside, in the first week I began doing post-production for film, which I feel is well within my ‘comfortable’ skillset. The most difficult thing I found was to attempt voice acting for ADR, I had to go through a number of stages just to break out of the generic accent I put on initially, to my normal voice, back to a voice that fit the character I was attempting to imitate. Trying something like that for yourself always gives you a deeper appreciation for the art.