Week 2

By the second week, things have started to pick up. I have been recording foley and sound effects, while also working on the soundtrack this week, alongside finding a podcast group for our main assessment. Things are still pretty manageable at this point, most parts of post-production I am still comfortable with doing, whereas the podcast project and the other intensive units may provide more of a challenge. I think the music production unit will be enjoyable, although I’m not looking forward to live sound quite as much. Recording all the foley and sound effects for a film clip have certainly increased my knowledge of how they effect a viewer’s experience of a film, the main thing I noticed is that sounds coming from off-screen can have just as much impact as those from on-screen events. Sounds can also be defining elements of scenes, for example, if someone pulled a phone or pager out of their pocket in a film without it previously making an appropriate sound, you probably wouldn’t even know what it was. Another effect sounds have is adding impact to a scene, e.g a car crash occurs on screen, but sounds like someone throwing a brick at a wall, It isn’t going to have much impact on the audience compared to the same event with more fitting sounds. In the end, sounds are just as important as visuals to make a scene feel realistic and immersive.