Week 3

After the third week of the post-production intensive, I feel like I have a solid grasp on the techniques and knowledge required to create sound for film. The thing I have learnt the most about is probably how real-world sounds translate to a recording and by extension to a film, and how sounds in film are probably not created by exactly what you think. While this isn’t the most transferable skill I think it gives me an insight into the often deceptive nature of sound. The most transferable specific skill I learnt was probably the use of loop recording, it’s a technique that I’ve not used before, and I think there are many situations in which it will be useful.

As a group we took quite a few creative liberties with our soundtrack, The music, which I produced took on a fairly different tone from the original, and many of the sound effects varied from the original. The car crash sound effect was especially difficult to create, and required many sounds layered together to produce a result, this meant it didn’t resemble the original effect at all, but it still served its purpose. Another thing we changed quite drastically was the footstep sounds, we thought that the original didn’t represent the different surfaces very well so we made ours distinctly different. Overall I think it sounds quite good, the car crash sound effect could be improved with the sound of real glass breaking, which was obviously a struggle for us, and the music could have suited the action a little better but besides these points I was satisfied with our efforts.