Week 5

This week I began a new intensive unit, live sound. In this unit we basically learn how to prepare a live show, how to fit the sound to the venue, how to work the PA technology and how to mix for live. It isn’t exactly an area I would like to get into, but I’m sure I’ll find it interesting either way. We began by being shown how to set up the PA system, which was a fairly lengthy process, and then proceeded to run sound through it. I wasn’t familiar with this kind of hardware so it was interesting learning at least vaguely how it all communicates. I think the most interesting technique we learned was EQing the PA system to suit the room, it’s a very subjective process and it took some time to come to an agreement about what sounded good. I personally found the PA system to be set far too loud most of the time, but it was much nicer to listen to after we finished EQ. There is a kind of charm to the booming low-end that can be produced by a large set of speakers, but I’ll definitely stick to in-home hi-fi for now.