Week 6

This week I continued working in the live sound intensive, mostly learning how to assemble all the equipment and get it running more quickly. I also learned how to assemble the various monitors on the stage, the wedge speakers, drum fill and side fills. These are used to provide the band with individual mixes they can use to hear specific band members and play better together. I also learnt that each of these monitors must be EQd as well, this required having someone stand on stage and give ideas on which parts of the spectrum could be corrected. Getting the communication working here was a little difficult at first but by the end it went smoothly.

I also attended the SAE crewing night on Thursday evening, where students pitch their projects to try and pick up more people to work on them. I ended up joining onto two different projects, one a soundtrack for a film, and one for a video game. I look forward to seeing what I can create for each of these projects, and hope I learn something different from each.