Week 7

This week we went through the process of setting up and tuning the PA system in the soundstage for the third time, I feel like I’m fairly familiar with the process at this point, and it went smoothly. Mixing in the soundstage is an entirely different experience to mixing in the studio, it’s much harder to hear small details so you need to approximate many things which you may only notice in detail after moving around the room. Another thing to keep in mind is ear fatigue, due to not being able to hear the details you often need to mix at much louder levels and your ears beome strained after some time.

I also attended a show to start recording material for my podcast project this week, the show was called Coup, and it features female artists. The general atmosphere of the venue was excellent, despite its small size, with large rugs and strange trinkets hung from the wall and antique chairs haphazardly placed around the room. I had a really great time there and we managed to capture some fantastic performances and interviews.