Week 8

This week was the last week of the live sound intensive. We did our 20-minutes mixes and began preparations for our live show. The 20-minutes mixes were pretty enjoyable, I think mine went pretty well, I got a pretty good balance between everything and improved the sound of most individual elements. I found having a plan on which order to do things very useful and I think high-pass filters were the most valuable tool. I had a few problems with the interface of the Venue system but I managed to get used to it.

Live sound in general is probably not something I would get into, Factors such as ear strain and having to come up with ideas or solutions on the spot aren’t completely in my interest. I also find room correction a bit tedious and would rather focus on other aspects of sound. It was interesting to get a bit of a look at what live engineers do though and I did find my time in the soundstage fairly enjoyable.