Week 10

In the second week of studio production we began recording. Dan brought in his drum kit and bass guitar so we started by setting up the drums in the rec room. At this point we put more thought into the structure of the song, we had to make sure we recorded enough drum parts to cover the whole piece. After we decided to have a long outro and add multiple sections to the start of the song, the drum recording took us most of the day to complete, luckily we had the studio booked until 9pm. The bass recording was relatively simple, so we decided to record some piano as well, although only scratch tracks. After all this we had a good idea of the direction the piece was going in and what it was going to sound like. I don’t think any of us particularly liked the original demo, but it was a good basis to work from, although we are fairly sure we will need to modify the lyrics somewhat to fit our odd time signatures.