Week 11

This week we needed to make a lot of progress on our piece of music. On the list we had: Record piano, record guitar, record synth parts (re-amp), record tambourine and come up with transitional parts to solidify the structure, luckily we had the studio booked late again. The piano went fairly well, I have been working on the parts for the past week so it didn’t require too many takes to get what we needed, we used a spaced pair of Royer 121s and they sounded really natural and balanced. The synth parts also went pretty smoothly, I wrote them all in advance so we simply re-amped them to achieve the sort of grungy sound we’re going for. Guitar was a little more difficult as we weren’t entirely sure about the parts, so we came up with most of it on the spot, doing this took up most of the time we had in the studio. The main problem at the moment is the lack of vocals, but we have someone coming in and are hoping to have them recorded before mixing next week.