Week 12

This final week of Studio production we were supposed to be mixing our track on the Neve console, but unfortunately the power supply is blown, so we had to mix it in pro tools instead. This honestly wasn’t too much of a problem as we have a lot of tracks in our session and mixing it with the limitations of the desk would have been more difficult. Unfortunately we didn’t get the vocals recorded before the mixing session either so having the mix done in pro tools is even more beneficial, seeing as we can continue to modify it. We were still able to use the outboard gear in the studio though, which was great as we were really looking forward to using the reverb unit especially. I think the mix went fairly well and we had it sounding pretty good by the end of session, even without the vocals added in yet. We were all a bit worried about the mix as the song ended up being very complex, but it was much easier than we expected to get a sound that satisfied the group. I think the one thing I would have done with more time/budget is add more orchestral elements as I think it suits the progressive feel we went with in the end. Overall I was fairly happy with the result and wouldn’t have done too much differently.

I also had my final editing session for the podcast project this week, which has been progressing slowly but surely over the last 6 weeks, We managed to put together a pretty good sounding product and I think we got some really interesting content out of our interviews.