Week 9

This week was the first week of a new intensive unit, Studio production. We were in the Neve, a new studio which is unfamiliar to me and my group members. In this first session we mostly learned how to use the new console and outboard gear, We set up a couple of microphones on a boombox in the rec room and went through signal flow on the desk. I found the Neve a bit confusing at first, and let other people do most of the work, but I slowly began to understand most of the functionality and by later in the unit I was more proficient. At this point we also had to choose a song for the assignment, One of two demos which we had to refine into a commercial product. We came up with a rough stylistic direction first, which was doom metal, and we chose the song distant friend based on the fact that the lyrics fit the style more closely. We also had an initial ideas session outside of class where we came up with bass riffs and drum parts to underpin the structure of the song. Doing this gave us a good head start so we can begin recording next week.