Prior Work


This is a piece I worked on under the direction of filmmaker Sarah-Jane Woulahan as promotional material for the Women’s AFL. I edited dialogue and music, blended atmospheric sounds, created some sound effects and performed a final mix to create an effective product.

Another project I completed with Sarah-Jane; a documentary about Sabrina Frederick-Traub of the Brisbane Lions can be found at the following link.



This post-production/composition project involved replacing all the sound and music from a big-budget video game trailer with my own. As part of the score-writing process I sourced samples of genuine medieval instruments to create an authentic musical backdrop. This was a challenging task as it was created in a strict time-frame alongside multiple other projects.



The soundtrack to this short documentary is a series of pieces produced by a small group with me acting as creative director. The guidelines for the project were relatively loose but the soundtrack had to be created in a reggae style, which was a genre largely unfamiliar to me. The use of reference tracks was very important to find an appropriate style and mood for each section. My contribution involved composition and multiple instrumental parts such as keyboard instruments and percussion.

The following is a cut of the documentary that has been edited to highlight the soundtrack.



This piece is part of a full soundtrack I was commissioned to write for a short film written and produced for YouTube. The creative process was heavily influenced by the strict guidelines of the director’s brief. I was given rough visual footage of each individual section that was to be scored and then created unique soundscapes as well as additional sounds to accent the impactful events of each scene.
The film can be found here –



This is an excerpt from a series of tracks produced for a professional contract, intended to back a short cartoon series which aired on the TV channel Disney xD. This project required creative discipline as I had to create a template of the instrumentation and mix parameters to ensure congruence across the array of segments.



This piece was a soundtrack-style piece I wrote as a proof-of-concept and to test my skills with orchestral instruments. It involved some research into processing and especially stereo placement for orchestra to achieve a more realistic sound. It was all constructed using sample libraries and virtual instruments.



A Minimal house track which I produced to try and expand into other genres and test some sound design techniques. The most difficult part of this was trying to create a consistent yet interesting drum track.